Hands on with Nemesis & Atomo clone

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6 Responses

  1. dannyboy65 says:

    Can you tell me who made your Nemesis clone? I have one by Hcigar and found it to be a very close copy when compared to my friends Nemesis Kalafan. The engraving and the joint at where the two large body tubes meet along with the switch threading ( which is terrible) are the only differences/problems we could find with my clone. Otherwise it’s near an exact copy as I’ve come across. Sorry for your bad luck with yours.

    • Vaping Wern says:

      To be honest, I’m not sure where the Nemesis clone was from. All I know that it was from the first batch to arrive in Malaysia.

      Engraving was nice and the firing was awesome, but my main gripe with it was how badly threaded the adjustable 510 pin was (from the inside of the mod) and how flimsy the switch was.

      In retrospect, it’s a problem that a little pipe tape should fix. Also after getting my hands on an original Nemesis, I realized that the firing switch was supposed to be able to thread all the way in as a form of battery rattle compensation.

  2. Glum Kopoli says:

    hey where can i buy this atomo clone.. it’s amasing !!!

  3. Judith says:

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