Kato’s Hammer gets cloned by Hcigar

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2 Responses

  1. Gates says:

    I won’t condone cloning as an outright proper thing, however the vast majority of mechanical mod manufacturers are charging obscene prices for what I see as simple mechanical switches with a shiny veneer.

    Don’t get me wrong. As a jeweler, I have a deep understanding of what kind of craftsmanship goes into an individual piece, but to create demand based on an artificial “limited” supply quotient in a mass market is dishonest and to me completely deserving of the “clone treatment”.

    The original designer has already invested in the tooling to manufacture said device on a larger scale, yet we, as stupid collectors, think we are special by spending a king’s ransom on yet another trinket that will no more enhance our habit other than to say we have obtained said object.

    Were you to ask me, which you no doubt will refuse, I believe the clones are a simple result of an overblown and overpriced marketplace in the realm of niche enthusiasts who seem to have more dollars than sense.

    I, for one, don’t require all the engraving. I just want a compact mod that will deliver the voltage I require. The Hammer fits these requirements. Will I pay $300 for it? Hell to the NO! Let the affluent collectors have their engravings.

    • Vaping Wern says:

      No doubt, we’d all like easy access to affordable mods. We’d all like to drive sports cars too, but we can’t all afford them. Facts of life.

      I accept that I can’t drop US$300 on the original Hammer, so it’s something that I’ll just appreciate.

      I’m not against clones per se. As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, I think they are a great way for new vapers to get into the game without having to drop big bucks.

      Likewise, experienced vapers also know that you don’t need a US$300 mod to give you a good vape :)

      I do agree though that it really sucks when prices are artificially inflated, but again, that’s the business world for you. When there’s dollars and cents in the picture, things like this are bound to happen.

      Cheers and vape on buddy :)

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